MosaicBox – Unicorn Face

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MosaicBox is an art kit that contains all the necessary components to make yourself a beautiful stone mosaic in a wooden frame. A cross between a puzzle and a paint-by-numbers this artistic craft builds fine motor skills, concentration, artistic expression and self confidence. Enjoy solo or as a team activity this MosaicBox is fun for all ages.

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1 review for MosaicBox – Unicorn Face

  1. Erica

    I did this all-in-one craft kit as an activity with my 6 year old niece who loved the unicorn art and placed it on the wall in her room when we were done. The box had everything we needed and we enjoyed finding and placing the stones together. The colors are a little muted from the box image because they are natural granite but the colors are more vibrant when wet so a stone or tile sealer would likely bring out deeper colors but I like the natural earth tones better. Overall this activity gets an A+ because it was great quality time for multiple ages (youth and adult), had everything we needed with little set up, and we actually had a high quality art piece as a momento of our time together. I will be getting another MosaicBox to do with my nephew!

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