Inventor Services

Continuum Consulting inventors chart

As inventors, we understand the difficulties faced by inventors who have yet to establish their place in the market. We know what it’s like to be in that position, as a small, upcoming venture that is trying to discover the next big thing. With our professional consultancy, manufacturing and distribution service, we can help new and experienced inventors alike tap into the market in a new and rewarding way. Our consultancy service is unrivaled and has helped many inventors adopt our efficient practices for their own projects.

Continuum regularly develops and launches exciting new products. Because of our roots as inventors and game designers, we often develop and or distribute products for outside inventors.

We offer consulting services and royalty programs.

We make it easy for inventors just as we make it easy for retailers.

If you’d like Continuum Games to review your product and provide feedback and a market opportunity assessment, we do this as part of our consulting service.  There is a one-time cost of $199 to participate.

Give us a call and explore the many benefits of working with Continuum Games!


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