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2014 Fall Catalog

2015-2016 Catalog


Continuum Games Wholesale Order Information
Continuum Games has no minimums or case pack requirements. All items are shipped from Indianapolis, IN.
To place an order by phone or for customer service: 877-405-2662
Fax orders to: 413-812-2801

Wholesale Orders
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Sales Reps
Find your Continuum Games sales rep today!
Continuum Games works with independent toy, gift and education reps throughout the U.S. To find a rep in your area, please contact the appropriate group from the list below. If you need further assistance in finding your rep, please call us directly a 877-405-2662.

Territory Rep Group Phone Showroom
Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Kentucky (toy and gift) 225 Unlimited office 407-894-6675 Americas Mart in Atlanta #1718
Michigan, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Indiana (toy and gift) BDC Group Inc. 440-349-2453
Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska (toy and gift)
Iowa (toy)
Cregger Marketing 636-583-6464
Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona (toy and gift) Fullmer and Associates 719-481-6352
Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas (toy and gift)
California, Nevada (toy and gift) Hillary Wells and Associates 206-860-8246
Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Dakota (toy and gift) and Iowa (gift) Twist Sales 952-938-3039 Minneapolis Mart #B163
Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and Montana (gift and toy) Park Avenue Agents 206-762-4231 Pacific Market Center Suite 105
New England including Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut Curtis and Associates 781-455-9191
Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota (education) Michele Harvath 314-680-4088
Illinois (toy and gift) Quincy Stringham 773-677-4263
New Jersey and Delaware (gift and toy)  Nancy Coman 732-462-8683
Eastern Pennsylvania (toy and gift) Lee Siegel 484-681-5417
New York Jeff Salat and Sarah Reynolds 201-522-5053315-685-1362

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Certificates of Compliance – COCs are updated as new shipments are received from our factory. Click here to view COCs for our products.

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