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Continuum-Games-Front-Door-Team-PhotoContinuum Games was founded in 2006 by Greg and Nikki Hughes.  Our company has two main goals: 1. Create exciting game concepts that keep traditional face-to-face game play alive and well in the digital age and 2. Support the specialty toy and game industry by making it easy for retailers to buy best-selling games, gifts and gadgets.

Continuum Games is a leading distributor to the gift and specialty toy markets in the USA.

We have no minimums nor case pack requirements.  We provide high service at affordable prices and unmatched freight programs.

We are a national organization distributing over 150 toy, game and gift lines…with a focus on main stream, family oriented products.  We have over 120 independent sales reps and support over 6,000 accounts.

Our greatest strength is the gift and non-traditional toy market (gift shops, truck stops, pharmacies, tourist shops, book shops, hospital and museum gift shops, etc).  Many of these stores have a seasonal game section, or theme specific toy sections. Our gift retailers outnumber our toy stores by a ratio of 3:1. There is no other distributor like us.

We also focus on reaching the independent and small chain toy stores.  We are a member of ASTRA and many of our stores are ASTRA, Good Toy Group and Learning Express stores.

Our top trade shows are the Atlanta Gift Show, New York Toy Fair, Toy Fest West and ASTRA.

Continuum Games’ various distribution programs make it easy for large, mid-tier and international manufacturers to reach these smaller yet important retailers.

Continuum Games also offers fulfillment and warehousing services. We currently act as the warehouse and fulfillment engine for 20+ companies.  Our warehouse is strategically located in Indianapolis, Indiana (in the heart of the US) which offers two day ground shipments to the Eastern seaboard and throughout the Midwest.

Greg Hughes is an accomplished game designer.  After all, this is how he came into this business.  Continuum regularly develops and launches exciting new products. Because of our roots as inventors and game designers, we often develop and/or distribute products for outside inventors. We offer consulting services and royalty programs.  We make it easy for inventors just as we make it easy for retailers.

At Continuum Games we are guided by the following philosophy:


At Continuum Games, we’re passionate about creating exciting games and making it easy for retailers. We take great pride in all the amazing products we produce and distribute. What’s more is that we’re also proud of our consultancy services that have helped others looking to revolutionise the industry with their own ideas and concepts.


Trust is a key factor in every decision that we make. As many of our games are aimed at young children, we are trusted to design, produce and distribute games which are age-appropriate. As a result of this commitment, we’ve been awarded various awards over the years by publications that include Creative Child Magazine and Dr. Toy.


As the industry evolves, so too must we, and this is only possible when the right amount of focus is placed on efficiency. From keeping up with the latest concepts and ideas to engaging with the best and brightest the industry has to offer, we continue to exceed our customers’ expectations through unparalleled efficiency and service level. Our warehouse and distribution services are so efficient and effective, more than 20 companies rely on Continuum Games to provide their warehouse and fulfilment services.  This is a great option for many companies that prefer third party logistics to traditional distribution models.


Innovation is, of course, at the center of everything we do. The games industry is ever-changing, and unless you keep pace with it, you’ll quickly fall behind. Our team are always on the lookout for new and exciting ideas. From our own in-house productions to inventors looking at ways to launch a new game idea or product concept, we’re always spearheading innovation. Our sales and distribution model is also innovative.  We offer one-stop shopping with no minimums, no case packs and fantastic freight programs.


At Continuum Games, we understand the difficulties faced by retailers.  After all, we service more than 6,000 retailers and offer each more than 3,000 SKUs.  In addition to our CG original products, we also offer products from more than 150 toy, game and gift manufacturers.  We provide high service at affordable prices and unmatched freight programs. We make it easy for retailers with a 1-stop shop, fast (often free) shipping and the highest level of customer service.  We believe in what we sell and we stand behind it all.

As inventors, we understand the difficulties faced by inventors who have yet to establish their place in the market. We know what it’s like to be in that position, as a small, upcoming venture that is trying to discover the next big thing. With our professional consultancy, manufacturing and distribution service, we can help new and experienced inventors alike tap into the market in a new and rewarding way. Our consultancy service is unrivalled and has helped many inventors adopt our efficient practises for their own projects.


Sustainability is important to us, which is why we always work in a way that minimizes any impact on the environment. From our manufacturing processes to the materials we use in all our products, we aim to promote sustainable thinking that is miles ahead of our competitors. Our approach also extends to the literal sustainability of your brand too. If you come to us with an idea or concept, we’ll guide you in a way that helps ensure the long-term viability of your business venture.

Give us a call and explore the many benefits of working with Continuum Games!


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