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A beautiful strategy game where you grow your sequence of consecutive colored tiles while limiting the consecutive tiles of your opponent. Simple rules with never ending possibilities.

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2 reviews for Mosaic

  1. Evan Koch

    This strategy game is so beautiful, a work of art, that sometimes I have to remember that it is a GAME and needs to be played and not just admired! One thing that makes this game special is the science of how colors combine is a functional part of the game!

  2. Teresa Talbott

    Mosaic is a beautiful and masterful visual strategy game. My husband and I enjoy playing in the evening and leave it on the coffee table to have it handy for lots of play. This game is not confined by a board but instead becomes a new and different design every time we play. The creator cleverly designed it so the first player is not immediately at an advantage. The strategy is very thoughtful in that you must keep track of what is played and what remains both for yourself and other players. You will pick up new strategies everytime you play. It’s so addictive!! Best visual strategy game I’ve ever played!!

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