Missing Lynx – The Wildlife Rescue Game

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Rescue endangered animals by traveling the world, gathering information, sharing clues and solving the mystery! The faster you can figure out who is safe and who is not, the sooner the animals can live wild and free! Become a master of deduction and inferencing while navigating whether to share information to gain points or keep it private in the hopes of a bigger pay off. You will be so focused on rescuing the animals you may not even notice how many fascinating new facts you learn about the animals, food sources and habitats along the way. Every game is a new adventure!

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1 review for Missing Lynx – The Wildlife Rescue Game

  1. Evan Koch

    Teresa Talbot is the creator of this beautiful masterpiece of a board game and a dear friend of mine. My copy was a gift from her and I just love how nurturing the game is. There are some similarities to CLUE and similar detective and problem solving games but the theme of nature and the environment and the good morality of saving animals and preventing extinction makes this game far superior. The game is also very educational as I have learned a lot about certain animals and nature from the game. I am a very competitive person and I know that cooperative games are a popular new genre. Missing Lynx COMBINES both competitive and cooperative elements. However, I love the animals and as long as they are saved (even if another player wins by doing so) I am happy!

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