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Milo (plush) is a postal delivery dog and comes in a durable mailbox with working flag, door and mail slot. This 25-piece play set includes  a welcome letter with a unique redemption code (registration can be online or via the included fold-over post card).  Once registered, your child will receive 4 letters from Milo (one per week). The letters are filled with great content about Milo, his friends and his travels.  Great motivation for kids to learn to read and even write back to Milo.  Additional subscriptions can be purchased on-line.

Milo has a messenger bag satchel which includes 4 note cards (business card size) with 4 envelopes.

The product includes cardboard glasses for Milo, 2 cardboard dog treats, 4 sheets of stickers, a membership card and USA map.

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Cuddle up with your new best friend, Milo the Mailbox Mutt is the perfect pet. Milo will send your child 4 personalized adventure letter via first class mail once a week. Children will learn about animals and interesting places all over the world. The letters are silly, fun and educational and your child’s anticipation of receiving these letters will grow each week as they are also encouraged to read and write to back to Milo and his friends. The weekly letters will engage your child’s curiosity and they will love getting real first-class mail. The first four week are included with this purchase. Mail can only be sent to the 50 United States and Puerto Rico


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