Charade Parade: the Game of Tag Team Charades

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Charade Parade is a collaborative party game where you play tag team charades against the clock. The goal is to get all players to join the charade tag team before you run out of time. Start with a set of challenge cards and one player starts charading the word on the first card. Every time a player in the audience correctly guesses a charade, that member gets tagged and joins the stage of actors charading the next word. Soon only one player remains in the audience and all the other players are acting out the last word. If the one remaining audience player correctly guesses the final word before time runs out, then everybody wins the Charade Parade!


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1 review for Charade Parade: the Game of Tag Team Charades

  1. Sarah

    Played this over Thanksgiving with all the kids home from college and we had a blast! We really enjoyed the app with a timer and camera. The kids especially enjoyed the random photos as they are the sort of pictures Grandpa always takes when we we aren’t looking LOL.

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