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Calico Cradle Instructions

Calico Cradle includes all the classic playground string games. With your high quality Calico Cat Cord and instructions, relive this playground pastime. Below are some basic instructions to get started.

First Position

Most string games begin with what’s called First Position.

  1. Put the little finger of each hand into the loop of string, and separate the hands.
  2. Put each thumb into the loop from below, turn the hands with the palms facing each other, and draw the strings tight.

    In the First Position, on each hand, a string wraps around the little finger, crosses the palm, and passes around the thumb. 

You are now ready for SOME SERIOUS STRING FIGURE FUN……

Games include:

  • Apache Door
  • Many Stars
  • Seven Stars
  • Big Star
  • An Owl
  • Two Owls
    …and many more

Calico Cradle

Calico Cradle A Calico Cradle is formed by the following movements.

Also check out YouTube videos for cat’s cradle or string game!

2 thoughts on “CalicoCradle”

  1. I played Cat’s Cradle for hours with my cousins when we were little. Will have to teach my daughter now 🙂

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