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Grandparent Talk

Grandparent Talk



“Grandpa, what kinds of pets did you have?” Uncover family stories that haven’t been shared in years or generations with this set of portable conversation questions. Simply pick a card, ask the question and watch your family history unfold. The game keeps family history alive with diverse topics that allow grandkids and grandparents to discover more about each other through fun conversation. Grandchildren will discover that their grandparents were young once too!

Great, unique gift for grandparents!

Connecting Generations through Conversation- Fun for Grandchildren and Grandparents

  • Fun, Portable conversation game to connect grandchildren and grandparents!
  • 100 fun question cards attached to round carabiner clip for use anywhere – at home, at a restaurant, in the car, on vacation
  • Allows grandchildren a fun way to realize that grandparents were young once too!
  • Questions that bridge generations while creating treasured memories!
  • Portable, thought provoking, fun!
  • Ages 3+
  • Great gift idea
  • Watch Grandparent Talk Video

Grandparent Talk is a highly sought-after game and a favorite gift for Grandkids AND Grandparents!

Consider videotaping your conversations for a family keepsake!

“Our family is having a blast with Grandparent Talk! The grandkids seem to be awed by some of our experiences and they now realize we were young once too! I’ve laughed and cried while reliving my life thru this game. My eyes have been opened to what my grandkids deal with today too. This is just a great experience for the entire family! Thanks so much!”

Kathy N. – Grandmother¬†“your games have undeniable intergenerational appeal. I know that this was a key motivator for you in developing them and I commend you for that. The award is well deserved.”

Deb Gold – Founder, Grandkids Gift Guide (Superproduct Award 2008) After watching a grandson and grandfather discuss some questions from Grandparent Talk, “Two of our evaluators were literally brought to tears as they saw a young grandchild who in the past had ignored his grandfather, was now hugging him and telling him he was sorry. The child said to his grandfather, ‘I am sorry Grandpa, I never knew you had done those cool things- wish I could have seen that too!'”
The Toy Man – Rev. James Fisher (The Toy Man Seal of Approval 2008)

Grandparent Talk | ATGGT-BL0917 | MSRP $7.99 | Ages 3+ | Players 2+