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Camp Talk

Camp Talk

Dr. Toy's Best Vacation Product Award!



Camp Talk is so easy to play, kids and teens can use it practically anywhere – get to know new camp friends on the bus to camp, in the bunk after lights out or around the campfire while eating s’mores! Just draw a card, read one of the 50 cool questions and let the fun begin! The handy flashlight is great for late night conversations around the campfire or in the cabin! Perfect camp care package gift for kids heading off to camp or for family camping trips! Ages 7+ 


Endorsed by Dr. Chris Thurber, Camp Psychologist and author of as a must have for summer camp care packages!

I always chuckle a bit at camp directors who try to sell their camp based on giant iceberg floats in the bay or paintball or other gimmicks. A good camp is not about the grounds or the facilities or the activities. A good camp is based on relationships between campers and leaders, among campers, and among staff. I’ve seen great facilities that host mediocre camps because the staff didn’t take the time to build a community.

For this reason, I love Camp Talk.
The product is 50 small cards attached to a cool carabiner with a small LED flashlight (perfect for finding the bathroom at night). Each card has a question designed to spark conversations among kids at camp, such as “What would your friends say that they like most about you?” This is what camp should be about, and I highly recommend that camp directors buy sets of these inexpensive discussion starters for their counselors. Parents, consider getting one before your son or daughter heads off to camp, or include it in a care package during their stay.

Camp Talk | ATGCT-BL0920 | MSRP $7.99 | Ages 7+ | Players 2+