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Family Talk and Family Talk2

The Toy Man Product Review
“Granted it can be a barrel of laughs, but overall it (Family Talk) is the most unique and innovative concept for striking up conversations and making the experience an enjoyable one! …It is so powerful that once someone experiences it, they will want to buy another one for a friend or loved one…”
The Toy Man – Rev. James Fisher
(The Toy Man Seal of Approval 2008)

Parents – Family Vacations and Bonding
“I purchased Family Talk before our family vacation. We were in the car for 16 hours with three young children. Family talk saved the day! We periodically pulled questions and had a good laugh! It really helped spark conversation and I think our kids may have learned a thing or two about each other and about my husband and me! We use Family Talk not only on trips, but at the dinner table too! Although I usually keep it in the car as that seems to be where we spend the most time.”
Jill B. – Mother

National Parenting Center
“…with all the cell phones, text messaging, emails and IMS, why has the communication in families gotten worse? Families are more ‘dis’connected than ever. …Around the Table invented a simple way to help families “log-in” to each other. “
National Parenting Center
(National Parenting Center Seal of Approval 2008)

“Family Talk has helped my family communicate better at the table. I feel like now I have something to add during dinner. We end up laughing and finding out new things about all the members of my family.”
Drew – 13 year old

Business Gifts
“My husband discovered Family Talk and began giving this to his customers on special occasions or simply as a thank you for your business gift….We would like to thank you for creating Family Talk! We have found this to be one of the most unique gifts enjoyed not only by our customers but by our extended family and friends as well!”
Melissa C. – Business owner

“We give Family Talk to new members as a welcome gift!”
St. John UCC – Manchester

“Our church really enjoys “Family Talk”. We use the questions at our church fellowships. It brings our group together!”
The Wentzville Church of Christ

“We use Family Talk and Family Talk2 on bus rides for our youth traveling to mission trips. We can’t wait to get the new games created for kids and teens!”
Tom – Youth Pastor

Learning Magazine – Teachers Choice Award for the Family
Family Talk by Around the Table games knew they were a hit with families, but now they know they’re a hit among teachers too! That’s because Family Talk was just awarded Learning Magazine’s Teachers Choice Award for the Family! Teachers noted that some of the benefits of playing Family Talk include: Introspection, engagement in back and forth conversation, conversation skills – how to listen, how to answer questions, how to elaborate / describe – early pre-writing skills (telling a story so that we can “see” it in our heads!), thinking skills, talking to others, reflection, taking turns, agreeing to disagree.
Learning Magazine – Teachers Choice Award for the Family

“I used Family Talk as an ice breaker to help integrate our children with disabilities and our children without disabilities. It not only worked well, ALL of the kids LOVED it and asked to play it again – even those that don’t typically talk much!”
Mary – Teacher

“We use Family Talk and Family Talk2 in my ‘English as a Second Language’ Class. It’s a great, fun tool!”
Nancy – Teacher

“In this era of greater need for communication yet less opportunity for good communication, Family Talk and Grandparent Talk couldn’t be more timely! It offers parents and grandparents the chance to foster the interpersonal skills of each family member which is a skill that seems to have been lost in this ‘techno age’.”
Dr. Tina Reising – Psychologist

Grandparent Talk GameGrandparent Talk

Grandkids Gift Guide
“…your games have undeniable intergenerational appeal. I know that this was a key motivator for you in developing them and I commend you for that. The award is well deserved.”
Deb Gold – Founder, Grandkids Gift Guide
(Superproduct Award 2008)

Gifts for Grandchildren and Grandparents
“Our family is having a blast with Grandparent Talk. The grandkids seem to be awed by some of our experiences and they now realize that we were young once too! And as for me, I’ve laughed and I’ve cried while reliving my life. This is just a great experience for the entire family. I am glad I bought it for my grandchildren! Thanks so much! “
Kathy N. – Grandmother

The Toy Man Seal of Approval 2008
After watching a grandson and grandfather discuss some questions from Grandparent Talk, “Two of our evaluators were literally brought to tears as they saw a young grandchild who in the past had ignored his grandfather, was now hugging him and telling him he was sorry. The child said to his grandfather, ‘I am sorry Grandpa, I never knew you had done those cool things…wish I could have seen that too!’”
The Toy Man – Rev. James Fisher
(The Toy Man Seal of Approval 2008)

Occupational Therapists/Psychologists/Pediatricians
“I have found Grandparent Talk to be the perfect game to play with our patients. It’s a very fun way to recall the past and to connect with one another in our nursing home and in our therapy gym. I have even given the game to patients when they leave to go back home! Their families have come back to express such gratitude!”
Beth – Occupational Therapist

Retirement Communities
“We gave the tins of Grandparent Talk and Family Talk to the residents of our retirement communities. The residents loved them! They not only used them with their families, they used them with each other as well! We also saw some of our residents asking the staff to answer some of the questions! This was a great gift choice for our residents!”
Kathy – VP of Delmar Gardens Nursing and Retirement Centers

Older Adult Social Groups
Although Grandparent Talk was designed to be played by Grandchildren and Grandparents, an older adult social group reports using the game to spark conversation amongst its members. The game has become a favorite item on the group’s weekly agenda!

Buddy Talk GameBuddy Talk

Kids/Moms/Gifts for kids
“My friends and I love to use Buddy Talk at our Sleep Overs! We end up laughing all night long!”
Angie – 9 years old

“I like to buy Buddy Talk as a birthday gift for my children’s friends! It is so unique and kids just love it!”
Susan – Mother

Camp TalkCamp Talk

Endorsed by Dr. Chris Thurber, Camp Psychologist and author of as a must have for summer camp care packages!

I always chuckle a bit at camp directors who try to sell their camp based on giant iceberg floats in the bay or paintball or other gimmicks. A good camp is not about the grounds or the facilities or the activities. A good camp is based on relationships between campers and leaders, among campers, and among staff. I’ve seen great facilities that host mediocre camps because the staff didn’t take the time to build a community.

For this reason, I love Camp Talk. The product is 50 small cards attached to a cool carabiner with a small LED flashlight (perfect for finding the bathroom at night). Each card has a question designed to spark conversations among kids at camp, such as “What would your friends say that they like most about you?” This is what camp should be about, and I highly recommend that camp directors buy sets of these inexpensive discussion starters for their counselors. Parents, consider getting one before your son or daughter heads off to camp, or include it in a care package during their stay.

“It’s so hard to find just the right thing to pack for your kids going off to camp. Camp Talk is just perfect! I can clip it on my daughter’s duffle bag so she can use it on the bus to camp to help her make new friends. It makes me feel good knowing that she has this fun tool to help her break the ice at camp!”
Stephanie – Mom

Teen TalkTeen Talk

Teens and Moms
“My friends and I talk all the time. But when I brought out Teen Talk at our last get together, we talked about things we had never talked about before. The questions led to some very interesting discussions. And I thought I really knew my friends!”
Emily – 15 years old

“Teens today don’t want to talk about superficial things; they like a challenge and like to really think! This game brings forth questions that spark those in depth conversations…all while having fun!”
Debbie – Mother of Teen

TD Monthly highlights Teen Talk as one of its ‘February Staff Picks’ for new games that have caught their eye for 2009!


“Discombobulation is the most laugh out loud game you’ll ever play.”
Jane Beck, BJ Beck’s Toys, Cedarburg, WI

“We played “Discombobulation” yesterday with our entire family. What a fun game! We laughed our heads off the whole time. Can’t wait to play again!”
Debbie W., Redford MI

“I saw a review of Discombobulation in the newspaper and ordered 3 sets on Amazon. I gave 2 games as presents to my 20-something daughters, even though I had never played the card game before. When I and my family did play at our get-together at Christmas, we had such fun! My daughters took the games home with them after the holidays and have since told me they have introduced Discombobulation to their friends. Everyone loves this card game! Thanks for the fun and laughter! ”
J. Malone, Apex, NC

“This game is a blast! To have grown ups, tweens and teens play together is awesome! If my 16 year old can be drawn away from the TV and my 15 year old nephew can be drawn away from the computer to play this game, you know it’s good!”
Marian Y., Sacramento, CA