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Think-ets Party Games

Think-ets Party Games



Think-ets Party Games edition is like having a “party-in-a-pouch”.  This edition of our award-winning Think-ets game is geared for adults, teens and college kids who want their own, slightly more sophisticated version of the game.  Some of the Think-ets Original games are included, but we’ve include some new brain-bending ones, like Psych-ets and Trinket Toss, to play as a group or in teams.   Our Think-ets Party Games Edition is a wonderful item for friends and family who want t o have some fun entertainment, tell wonderful and creative stories, and use your brain.  It’s small enough to put in your pocket, add to your purse or throw into your backpack.  Now adults, teens and college kids have their own Think-ets game suited to their own brand of fun.

Think-ets Party | TAL1228 | MSRP $9.99 | Ages 8+ | Players 1+


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