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Row Boat

Row Boat

MADE in the USA!



Mind Bending Strategy, Mind Boggling Suspense!

Rowboat is the bidding, trick-taking card game where trump changes at every turn. This nautical theme card game is a great game for lovers of Spades, Euchre or Bridge. Deal cards face up until each suit is showing- this is the Tide. Deal out cards to each player- one for each card in the Tide. Each player bids how many tricks they’ll take. When play starts, each player attempts to win the trick. The first card of the Tide dictates which suit is trump. On the second trick, the second card in the Tide dictates what is trump. Every had is different and the trump is always changing.

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Row Boat | MST1017 | MSRP $12.99 | Ages 13+ | Players 2-4