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Pick ‘N Choose

Pick 'N Choose



How will you get your friends to guess the secret word?

In this award winning board game players are tasked to get their teammates to guess random words, and they get to Pick ā€˜nā€™ Choose how to do so. Players may draw, mold with clay, mime, hum, sculpt with wire, use clownish facial expressions, use word associations, or ask trivia questions. Each activity is given a different point value based on difficulty. Choose carefully, a more difficult activity will earn you extra points, but will also take up more of your precious time. Try to get the most points out of 5 cards before time runs out. What will you and your friends pick ā€˜nā€™ choose?

Pick N Choose Card

Pick N Choose | MHR14222 | MSRP $29.99 | Ages 13+ | Players 2-8