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Made in the USA!

$31.99 — $34.99


This curiously addictive new game, brainteaser, and puzzle all rolled into one is the brain-tingling union of a perplexing puzzle and electrifying game.

This fun twist on a traditional puzzle challenges players to assemble Pajaggle as fast as they can. Time yourself or test your speed against other players. But don’t let the seemingly simple spirograph-like pieces fool you. Pajaggle is seriously fun and difficult at the same time. With a dozen ways to play – you and your friends will have fun for hours.  

Buy 2 or more sets and play against friends!


Pajaggle | MSRP $31.99 | Ages 5+ | Players 1-4

61 high quality polycarbonate pieces, playbook, 8″ x 12″ board, electronic game timer, built in storage box