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I’ve Never

I've Never



The Outrageous Game of Truth!

Our award-winning game promises laughter, surprises, truth, and discovery in a simple and quick moving game. To play, roll the die, move your playing piece, and follow the instructions on the board where you land. For example, you may be told to read aloud an I’ve Never Card, which might say something like, “I’ve never had a lemonade stand” or “I’ve never had a pet goldfish.” You then have to admit whether the statement is true or false, for which there are further exciting or funny consequences, depending on your answer.

Family friendly and the perfect ice-breaker game for 2 or more players. Perfect board game for kids birthday parties (ages 8-12), slumber parties, school socials, dance parties, summer camps, road trips, family vacations, you name it! Fun game for the whole family.

Ive Never Board


I’ve Never | INIBG004 | MSRP $19.99 | Ages 8+ | Players 2+