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Turn any bottle into a baby bottle.

Just screw on the funnel attachment, add your drink of choice, flip down the funnel, and screw on the baby-bottle top. 

Flipple turns 99% of bottled water products into a baby bottle so lighten the load by leaving the baby bottles at home. Simply buy water on the go, screw on the Flipple adapter and add babys favorite nipple. It is safe and easy allowing you to hydrate your baby without worries. If formula is needed, simply flip the funnel shaped adapter upside down so powder can be added to the small bottle neck opening. At the end of the day, Flipple goes back into the diaper bag, bottles get recycled and only the nipples need be washed.

Safe, fast, and easy.

Flipple 2

Flipple | FLP1251 | MSRP $5.99 | Ages Infants | Users 1