Lollipopter Green Apple Turnover (Gift Box Packaging)


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Magical Eye Candy.
With a quick twist, Lollipopter magically transforms from a ?swirl” to a ?burst” and back again in one amazingly elegant motion. To transform it, simply spin the handle and watch the magic unfold. To change it back, just spin it the other way. Intuitive, relaxing, fun…and addictive!
The design of this simply beautiful structure is derived from natural plant forms, and utilizes mathematical concepts such as the Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio.
From an interactive kinetic toy in your hand to a stylish sculpture on the display stand, Lollipopter can be played with as a toy, employed as a stress reliever, displayed as a desktop accessory, or used in home decor. It?s a versatile accessory for your creative life.
Available in four specially prepared flavors: Mango Fandango, Sugar Plum Shuffle, Huckleberry Spin, and Green Apple Turnover. Package includes one Lollipopter (consisting of 40 plastic pieces assembled on a stainless steel tube with a clear sleeve to increase the grip) and a white metalweighted display stand. For ages 9 to 99.

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 10.8 × 6.2 × 1.9 in
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