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Certificates of Compliance

COCs are updated as new shipments are received from our factory.

Safety Statement
Continuum Games Safety Statement 2-10-2009

Certificates of Compliance
Animoes – Item #0841
Barnyard Stampede – Item # 1101

Buddy Talk
Buddy Talk (blister pack)

Calaboose – Item #0864
Camp Talk
Camp Talk (blister pack)
Coin Hopping Washington DC – Item #0881

Discombobulation, family card game (2nd Edition) – Item # 1001
Discombobulation, family card game – Item # 0701

Exact Change – Item # 1102 NEW 2011
Exact Change – Item #0902
Exact Change (money bag ed.) – Item #0903

Lightning Fast Math
Perfect Timing

Family Matters- Item #1040
Family Talk
Family Talk (blister pack)
Family Talk 2
Family Talk 2 (blister pack)

Fun Meal Caper – Item #0913
Grandparent Talk
Grandparent Talk (blister pack)

Hide & Seek – Item #0914
Ice Lake – Item #0861
Looney Laundry – Item #0907
Lumps Non Seasonal family dice game – Item # 0802

Lumps, the Elf Coal Game (2nd Edition) – Item # 1002
PatchWord – Item #1021
PatchWork – Item #1020

Perpetual Commotion – Items #0908-0912

Play Nine

Portrayal – Item #0821
Reverse Charades – Item #1112
Rhyme-N-Tyme – Item #0811
Siege Stones – Item #0862

Spanish Family Talk (blister pack)
Spanish Buddy Talk (blister pack)

StoryPlay Cards

Story Speller
Story Tellers – Item #0863
Teen Talk
Teen Talk (blister pack)

Texas Hold Em Family Game – Item #091

Think-ets Beach



Think-ets Deluxe & Teacher Edition

Think-ets Fairy & Sports

Think-ets Genius

Think-ets Holiday

Think-ets Party Games

Tri-Cross – Item #0906

Blue Orange:

Froggy Boogie
Gobblet Gobblers
Spot It
Spot It MLB
Tell Tale

Brand Cafe:

Kwizniac Kidz

Endless Games:

Cupcake Race

Name 5

 Enginuity Games:

Tongue Tanglers – Item #0873

Grouchy Dog:

Rainbow Math: Fantabulous Forest
Rainbow Math: Sunken Treasure
Rainbow Math: Pirate Adventure

Looney Labs:

Fluxx 4.0, Oz Fluxx, Pirate Fluxx, Zombie Fluxx
Ice Dice

Out of the Box:

7 Ate 9
10 Days in the USA
Bug Out
My Word
Snake Oil
Word on the Street
Word on the Street Junior

Peaceable Kingdom:

Alphabet Go Fish
Count Your Chickens, Hoot Owl Hoot, Mermaid Island, Stone Soup, Lost Puppies – Items #GM104-08
Crazy Mates, Go Fish
Fish Stix – Item #GM101

Winning Moves:

Classic Sorry
Classic Yahtzee
Clue Classic Edition
Crocodile Dentist
Deluxe Box of Bunco
Game of Life Classic Edition
Monopoly Classic Edition
Pass the Pigs
Risk 1959
Rubik’s 3×3 Cube
Rubik’s Cube Key Ring
Scattergories Categories
Super Scrabble