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Games on the Go – A great travel game for ALL Generations as seen on MOM to Grandma

Games on the Go featured on The CelebrityCafe.Com

Family Talk featured on

Games on the Go – fun games that involve thinking and imagination!

Looney Laundry and Barnyard Stampeded – Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

Lumps – The game is simple enough for young ones… but addictive enough to keep grown ups interested!

Family Talk2 – a great couples game!

Continuum Games are great for families with kids of all ages.

We will be playing Exact Change often to help my 3 kids know the value of each coin and dollar. Great idea!

We had such an awesome time playing these games!

Now that the cold is settling in it is time to bring out the games!

 What’s your most prized possession?

Great games for holiday gatherings!

Great ice breaker – Family Talk2

Portable family games for stocking stuffers

What did Santa fill those stockings with?   Yay!  This year, I hear he is leaving some Continuum Games!

Continuum Games has so many great items for holiday gifts and stocking stuffers.

Infunitum – Filled with laughter, this fast paced game has become highly regarded among both my friends and family. Plus, instructions are short and sweet!

Coin Hopping DC – If you’re a parent who spends time trying to reinforce what your children are learning in school this board game is a creative way to do just that!

Great Holiday Games

Lumps, the Elf Coal Game – This is one of my kids favorite games to play!

The biggest trend this year is playing dice – elf style with lumps of coal!

Continuum Games keeps Family Game Night alive for modern families!

Lumps the Elf Coal Game – We had a blast …and played for hours!

A great game for Tweens …..Whatever age your child is though, learning more about each other as a family is sure to be a wonderful experience!

Family Friendly Games

Fun questions that really make you think!

Bonding with my children is easier with Family Talk2!

Two holiday games this year that make a great family bonding experience

Looking for a fun game to play this holiday season?

Family Games for the Holidays

Continuum Games for the Holidays

Take It From Me: Gift Guide – Family Games

Family Game Night Ideas

Home for the Holidays – 2011 Gift Guide

Barnyard Stampede – More than one way to play!

Tara’s Review of  Barnyard Stampede and Lumps, the Elf Coal Game

Thanks to Continuum Games, you can now receive coal in your Holiday Stocking and be excited about it! Lumps, the great holiday family game!

New Age Mama:  Holiday Gift Guide Review of Family Talk and Lumps, the Elf Coal Game

Smile A Day Giveaway – Early Bird Holiday Review of Family Talk, Exact Change and Lumps, the Elf Coal Game

National Family Day – Tips for Making Family Conversations a Priority

Being Frugal and Making it Work – Barnyard Stampede, Family Talk and Exact Change Review – 10 Things to Pick Up Before Your Grandchildren Visit – Family Talk

New Jersey Family Magazine – Camp Talk as an Icebreaker

Shreveport Times – Family Talk and Camp Talk Reviews

Hudson Valley Parent – Camp Talk Review

Child Guide – Camp Talk Review – Exact Change Review



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