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Around the Table Games’ “Family Talk” is Changing the Face (and Sound) of Family Togetherness

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Around The Table Games™ Receives A 2008 iParenting Media Outstanding Product Award For Improving Family Interaction

Eureka, MO (August 29, 2008) – As every parent knows, family meals are a wonderful opportunity to have engaging conversations and exchange funny anecdotes. Unfortunately, every parent also knows that this is mostly a pipe dream and meals usually sound something like this:

MOM (To Son): So how was your day?

SON: Fine. Can I have some more meatloaf?

DAD (To Daughter): What did you do today, honey?

DAUGHTER- Nothing. May I please be excused?

Well, the interaction between families (and friends!) who play Family Talk, the brand new game from Around The Table™ Games is a much more meaningful and a whole lot more fun! Whether at the dinner table or on-the-go, because of the game’s ultra-portability folks who play it not only have more fun being together, but they know more about each other and have much deeper bonds. For that reason and more, Family Talk has been presented with the iParenting Media 2008 Outstanding Product Award.

Here’s what some of the iParenting reviewers said were positive characteristics of Family Talk:

Family Talk – Engage your family and friends in colorful conversation with these thought-provoking, easy-to-play games from Around the Table™. Simply pick a card, ask the question and get an insightful-often hilarious-glimpse into the hearts and minds of people you assumed you already knew. Play in the car, at the dinner table, on vacation or at a party and make the most of those fleeting moments of family togetherness time. Three versions of the game, Family Talk, Family Talk 2 and Grandparent Talk™ are on store shelves now. Award category: Toys & Games.

  • “We enjoyed having something transportable to take with us and also have right at the dinner table that did not take up a lot of room – but sparked interesting conversation among our family.
  • “What a great way for families to interact! We found that we all looked forward to sitting down at the table everyday due to this product. I enjoyed telling my children about my favorite things (as well as least favorite) while learning more about their likes and dislikes. They also gave us as parents an easy way to talk to our children about more important things as well since there was a channel open for  conversation.
  • “I really liked the concept of this Family Talk discussion starter. It is something that I used with my family and I plan to use it in my Health Education classroom with Middle Schoolers. The questions were provocative without being offensive and simple to develop a discussion with. I love the carabineer clip.”

After the reviewing process was completed and the award presented, iParenting Media reviewers were asked if thought the portable nature of Family Talk allowed families to make conversations on the go. Here’s what they said:

  • “I absolutely believe that this would be useful on car trips, particularly. The isolation that families experience when everyone is plugged into a DVD or MP3 player makes me anxious and contributes to  society’s dysfunction in general. A conversation! What a novel idea!!”
  • “Yes, the portability of these cards is a huge plus especially in the summer time when families are out and about. They can be used on a long car ride, at a picnic, etc.”
  • “Yes, definitely — we enjoyed having something transportable to take with us in the car and at restaurants — and also right at the dinner table that did not take up a lot of room – but sparked interesting conversation among our family.”, a Disney Internet Group media property, is a premier media site focused on parents. Our award-winning network includes more than 40 websites devoted to the entire family lifecycle and Points on Parenting radio show.

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Creator and owner of Around the Table games, Beth Daniels was blessed to have her grandparents and great-grandparents in her life for decades. Over the years, she realized that the more she learned about them, the better she understood herself. As a result, she treats the stories they shared as priceless gifts that she is determined to pass on to her own children.

In fact, the first “version” Daniels made of her game was a simple pad of paper passed around the table at a Christmas family dinner where she invited everyone to jot down questions for Great Grandma.

As an Occupational Therapist, wife and mother of two, Daniels understands all too well how active lives and busy schedules can prevent families from sharing the anecdotes and folklore that make a family a family. That’s why she created Family Talk and Grandparent Talk games as a fun way for families to reconnect.