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Getting Families to Talk (Really Talk) Guaranteed with Novel Around the Table Games™

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Eureka, MO (August 29, 2008) – Does this scene sound familiar? Dad asks Junior at dinner, “What did you do at school today?” Junior mumbles, “Nothing.” But next door the conversation around the table takes on a whole new bent. That Mom picked up the new card game, Family Talk™ , and is overheard asking her daughter, “What would you change about your school?”

Colorful conversations between parents, children and relatives of all ages are the concept behind an inexpensive, portable card game from Around the Table Games. It’s been reaping huge benefits among folks who may sit together but rarely, truly converse together. Three versions of the game, Family Talk, Family Talk 2 and Grandparent Talk™ are on store shelves now.

“Our games are like taking the dinner time conversation with you, wherever you go,” explains Around the Table Games founder Beth Daniels, herself a working mom. “Because our games are made to be portable, the proverbial table discussions can now be held at the airport, during carpool, waiting in a long line or wherever people gather in the same place at the same time.”

Ideal for ages 4+, the simplest questions such as “What was your favorite stuffed animal?” can have endearing and even hilarious responses. But the Q & A isn’t limited to relatives. Co-workers, teachers, church groups and corporate teams have been using this pack of 100 ordinary questions to elicit extraordinary insight into the person you thought you already knew!

Accolades for the game — from medical professionals to kids — have been pouring into Around the Table Games corporate office:

    In this era of greater need for communication yet less opportunity for good communication, Family Talk couldn’t be more timely! It offers parents the chance to foster the interpersonal skills of each family member, which is a skill that seems to have been lost in this “techno age.” — Dr. Tina Reising – PsychologistFamily Talk has helped my family communicate better at the table. I feel like now I have something to add during dinner. We end up laughing and finding out new things about all the members of my family. — Drew, 13 years old – Kansas

Each deck of 100 cards is attached to a carabineer clip so a Mom or a Scout leader can clip the game to a backpack, purse or picnic basket. Anticipating a long wait at the airport? Whip out these questions and the time will fly. Stuck in traffic with the kids? Family Talk will encourage the kids to ask anything but “are we there yet?”

There are three games to choose from:

Family Talk & Family Talk 2 Card Games
Simply pick a card, ask the question and get a surprising glimpse into the hearts and minds of family members you thought you really knew! Designed to be completely portable, these colorful cards make the most of those fleeting moments of family togetherness time — even from hard to talk to teens.

Grandparent Talk Card Game
“Grandpa, what kinds of pets did you have?” Uncover family stories that haven’t been shared in years or generations. The game keeps family history alive, with diverse topics that allow grandkids and grandparents (or great-grandparents) to discover a little more about each other through conversation. Ideal for special family gatherings such as upcoming Father’s Day and summer reunions.

About Around The Table Games
Creator and owner of Around the Table games, Beth Daniels was blessed to have her grandparents and great-grandparents in her life for decades. Over the years, she realized that the more she learned about them, the better she understood herself. As a result, she treats the stories they shared as priceless gifts that she is determined to pass on to her own children.

In fact, the first “version” Daniels made of her game was a simple pad of paper passed around the table at a Christmas family dinner where she invited everyone to jot down questions for Great Grandma.

As an Occupational Therapist, wife and mother of two, Daniels understands all too well how active lives and busy schedules can prevent families from sharing the anecdotes and folklore that make a family a family. That’s why she created Family Talk and Grandparent Talk games as a fun way for families to reconnect.