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Continuum Consulting

Continuum ConsultingTrying to launch a new product? Have new game ideas?

We know what you are going thru…

Because we have been there!

Continuum Consulting is a product development, publishing, marketing and sales organization that recognizes the need for a one stop source of assistance for new toy, game and novelty inventors. We know firsthand the challenges that are involved in bringing a product to market as well as the potential rewards associated with a well executed product launch. Our goal is to offer a continuum of services to new and experienced inventors to help guide your decision making, avoid common pitfalls, and create the best possible pathway to success.

Choose what services best meet your needs. Our model allows new and experienced inventors to benefit from the knowledge and contacts we have gleaned over the years in the toy, game and gift industries. By working together, we are able to pass along economies of scale to each inventor. Our team includes leaders in their specialties with years of solid experience.

Our Initial consultation and market review is an informal conversation with a Continuum consultant providing advice on your product,pricing, target market and launch strategy.

You’ve made a game, you’ve played it, your friends have played it… but is it ready for the market?

We’ll review concept, mechanics, playability, and target demographic. We’ll uncover any hidden problems and provide recommendations to maximize the fun.

We provide additional services including:

  • Writing game rules
  • Copy writing for packaging
  • Consumer testing
  • Retailer testing
  • Play Testing

  • Complimentary Product Analysis including packaging, branding review and review of existing artwork.
  • Brand Creation/logo design/existing logo upgrade
  • Packaging Design
  • Mock Ups
  • Trade Show Design
  • SKU/Line Development – graphic design of product line extensions
  • Multi-media
  • Website Design
  • Applications

Create a prototype and attempt to license it OR produce and market it yourself. There are pros and cons of both. Let us help you decide the best choice for your needs and goals and help you connect with key contacts.

We work with manufacturers in the United States and Asia. Let us help you produce your product using a reputable, trustworthy manufacturer. Our relationships with these vendors allow us to pass along better prices and lower minimum quantities than you would likely get on your own.

Enjoy the cost efficiencies by utilizing pre-negotiated warehouse rates and shipping discounts. Ship from the Midwest for fast transit times.

A key factor to successfully launching a new product is to have ways of “getting the word out” about your product. Our program allows you to leverage several strategies:

  • Sales Reps – identify and secure sales representation in toy, education and gift industries.
  • Distributors – identify and secure key distributors that will enhance channels of distribution and allow access to key accounts
  • Trade Shows – exhibit with Continuum Games at key trade shows for a fraction of the cost. Personally attend and demonstrate/sell your product or Have your product prominently displayed.
  • Public Relations – Includes submitting press releases to key industry and consumer media outlets, applying for and managing toy award applications and coordinating media coverage for trade shows
  • Co-op advertising – Advertise without breaking the bank…share advertising space or advertising schedules with other toy/game manufacturers

To schedule an appointment, please call 317.862.2801